3 Ways Professional Woodworkers Can Design Their Own Homes

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As a professional woodworker, I would be accustomed to designing interiors for the home according to my customers’ specifications. These interiors would include doors, cabinets, and staircases. Add to this my access to specialized equipment, Teds woodworking plans, woodworking assistants, and wholesale supplies, and it’s easy to see why I could approach the job of designing my own home with confidence.

There is another angle to this topic about the ways professional woodworkers can design their own homes, however. If I design home interiors on a professional basis, to what extent do I want my business life to be connected to my personal life? Do I constantly want to be reminded of the aspects of a woodworking business when I just want to relax with my family?

A Business Showcase Room

One of the ways I can design my home as a professional woodworker is to deliberately combine my home with the interests of my woodworking business. This means that I can design my home to include a large front room where examples of my handiwork could be put on display. This room would naturally be a constant reminder of my business because it would be the first room I’d see, but it could also be the place where potential customers could decide upon those projects that I could make for them.

Build Own Kitchen Cabinets

Another way I can design my own home as a professional woodworker would be farther removed from the total focus on business and serve to accommodate my family’s needs. Certainly, I would have the expertise to build my own kitchen cabinets, for example, with the same tools I’d use to build similar ones for my customers. The difference here is that I would be designing my own kitchen cabinets so that I could place cereal boxes and other family reminders in them. As a professional woodworker, it’s possible for me to design my own home to imply a gradual shrinking away from business and further into my own personal life.

Special Family Area

Lastly, I can design my own home as a professional woodworker to incorporate a complete separation from business and family life. On the opposite side of the business showcase room, for example, I could design a room that would only sporadically include items I’ve created in my woodshop. Certainly, the entertainment center could be made with the tools of my business, but I’d be far removed emotionally from my business as I watch television with my family.

In sum, I would have the ability and tools as a professional woodworker to design my own home. Still, because I’d be interested in separating my business life from my family life, I could design my home to serve the needs of both.

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iPage Review

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iPage offer a number of low cost web hosting packages and provide customers with all the tools they need to design and build a professional looking website quickly and easily, with no programming or HTML experience necessary. Standard web hosting packages start from just $5.25 per month and for this you get an all-in-one hosting solution that will provide you with everything you need to start up and manage both personal and business websites.

Reliability and Uptime

This is an important issue if you intend to run a website for profit, as any downtime will reflect negatively on your website traffic and profits, and although iPage do not currently offer a specific percentage of guaranteed uptimes as some other leading web hosts do, they do assure customers that they monitor websites 24/7, and if any problems are detected, such as your website going offline for whatever reasons, the technical support department will be alerted immediately so that they can start working on the issue and getting your website up and running again. Downtime is very difficult to predict and safeguard against so it is good to know that iPage provide such a proactive response to dealing with this issue.

Control Panel

The control panel utilised by iPage is called H-Sphere, and this is a powerful tool that is user friendly and enables customers to build professional looking websites in just a few clicks. H-Sphere is not the most commonly used control panel in the web hosting industry, and there are more popular options such as cPanel and vDeck, so if you are transferring your site in from another provider make sure you check with iPage first on how to interface your website with the new control panel, as this will help to ensure you do not lose any website functionality.

Marketing Tools

One of the key tasks for all website owners is to increase site traffic, and iPage can provide customers with credits for the main search engines such as Google and Yahoo, and up to $75 of free advertising, and also provides tools to help you improve the content on your website and increase search engine ranking results, such as blog and photo gallery software.

eCommerce Tools

iPage offers a wide range of eCommerce tools for online business including shopping carts, catalogs, payment gateways and even coupon and discount options, which can provide you with everything you need to set up and run your business online.

Customer Support

It is important to make sure you have the right level of customer service in place for your requirements, and if you are new to online website design and hosting, or running an online business then you will need to make sure that you have round the clock support in place to help you with any problems or queries you may have. iPage provide 24/7 live chat, telephone and email support and the website also has a lot of information on the products and services offered as well as a help centre for customers, which can help you to find quick answers to many of the commonly asked questions.

How to lose fat – Discover fastest methods to get ripped

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This time of year, lots of individuals are determined to ultimately get that fat out of the body and get back into the athlete form. It has been a while since they’ve exercised or, they let themselves go forward a little bit during the holidays. After all, it’s really hard to keep gym schedule in check when they’ve to keep up with diverse other commitments with friends and family. The outcome is little bit of additional pounds here or there. So, below you’ll find out few proven way to know some fastest way to get ripped of the additional fat and be back in shape in literally no time. Before we move on, it is to inform you, this is quite simple stuff that’s very effective, but it isn’t easy. It requires that you commit to the goals. If you do, you’ll surely succeed in record time.
How to remove stubborn fat
In order to lose some body fat you have to use a versatile approach. Conversely, you cannot expect to get slim by going to the gym only. You have to address eating habits in addition to measure effectiveness of the training program. It has been proven that the most efficient ways to burn fat rapidly is to combine high intensity interval training and strength training. Steady state cardio alone isn’t going to assist you remove all that stubborn, nasty fat. The point is to combine a couple of activities that’ll boost metabolism and that’ll keep you burning fat continuously. There are numerous programs available on web. You can search for fastest way to get ripped abs and you’ll be able to get a working and efficient system for burning fat fast. Just ensure to strive always to beat last training session. For instance, you can shorten your rest period; do one more set, complete session in less time, etc. Once you’ve set of workouts that you are comfortable with, it’s time to address eating habits. In order to remove body fat, you have to stop eating sugary and processed foods and yes of course “No fast food” also, like it is mentioned earlier in this article. It is a tough commitment to stay in shape and to do what’s essential so as to be successful.
Change eating habits
Get lots of fruits, green vegetables and lean meats in the daily diet. Get rid of sodas and alcohol, even diet sodas & substitute them with water or sugar free tea. Drink a minimum one gallon of water every day. This assists remove waste and unwanted toxins from the body. It’ll also assist you get rid of water weight that makes you feel overstuffed. Water is no doubt a great detoxifying agent in addition to a fantastic way to keep your muscles energized for the strenuous workouts. Always keep in mind that there isn’t a single approach or way about the fastest way to get ripped in a month or how to lose body fat very fast. People respond to diet and training in diverse ways. Just be attentive to what actually works for you and what doesn’t and then adjust accordingly.

Fastest Way to Get Ripped
Without any doubt thefastest way to get ripped is to do complex exercises for weight lifting. These won’t only assist you build muscle, but would also throw body into a state of metabolic shock which turns your system to burning fat rapidly in order to fulfill the requirement of energy to perform the strenuous workout sessions. You see there’re lots of people out there who desire to do workout to get ripped,but they waste their time doing the wrong exercises or the right ones in a wrong way. They know that their target is to burn calories and in order to achieve that they do early morning cardio because someone told them that this will assist in burning fat. But, they did not get success in that because they don’t know the proper method of doing that.
So, if you are looking for the best workout to get ripped, it is good to look for a professional advice because it is better late than never.

Brother SE400 Sewing Machine Review

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Brother SE400 Sewing Machine Review

The Brother SE400 combination computerized sewing and 4×4 embroidery machine are designed to incorporate technology in sewing and embroidery. The fact that this machine is computerized allows users to use a variety of customized decorations in a convenient manner. This is facilitated by the many outstanding features that this machine is endowed with. Being computerized also provides the users with more options when it comes to using this best sewing machine. This machine is meant for upcoming designers who like to sew, do embroidery, do crafting and do home décor projects in a convenient and simple manner.

Brother SE400 Sewing Machine Review


Amongst the outstanding features of this machine includes that it has 67 build in stitches and 70 build in designs for the users to choose from. It also has five lettering fonts which allow users to choose the fonts of their preference. This machine also has an easy to view backlit LCD touch screen display which allows the users to clearly view the stitches, designs and fonts used in this machine. Being connectable to a computer enables users of this machine to access and import thousands designs for embroidery which are easily accessible from the internet. This is facilitated by that this machine has a USB port and a USB cable. The machine also has an automatic one touch thread cutter which is easy and convenient to use, especially while cutting the bottom and top threads. It also has an easy Bobbin system which allows it to be used more conveniently. The SE400 is also endowed with a handle which makes it more portable. Its dimensions are twenty point three inches by fifteen inches by fifteen point two inches and its total weight ten pounds. This means that it fits even in rooms with moderate space. For ease of use, this machine comes with a detailed manual and tutorial lesson which includes images.

What’s So Great About The Brother SE400?

  • Being computerized allows users to access many more stitches and designs to compliment the ones already in the machine
  • Connecting to a computer is easy since this machine has a USB port which is compatible with almost any computer
  • The work area of this machine is brightly lit and therefore users can clearly see what they are doing
  • The embroidery area is spacious where it has dimensions of four by four inches
  • The machines comes with the necessary accessories therefore it can be used immediately after being assembled
  • The detailed instructions make this machine usable by almost anyone

What’s Not So Great About The Brother SE400?

  • Some popular programs may not be compatible with this machine and therefore there is a software limit
  • Some users have had it with the threading system, but this is mainly because of not using the machine properly or using the wrong threads
  • The polyester which is incorporated amongst the accessories stretches too much and therefore it is not ideal to be used in dense designs

Is This A Great Purchase?

It is evident that this SE400 sewing and embroidery machine is endowed with various outstanding features which make sewing and embroidery convenient. Most of these features are technologically oriented and as a result this makes this machine more efficient. The machine also provides the users with a wide variety of options to choose from. Therefore, this machine is a great purchase.

Segway MiniPro Personal Transporter

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Ninebot segway minipro is out for pre order on amazon. The miniPro has got stunning looks and the design is great , to give maximum comfort to the rider.

Minipro Features:

  • Control with mobile app
  • Control with leg bar
  • Maximum speed : 10 MPH
  • UL 2272 Certified
  • Dual motor engine
  • Antitheft & Remote Controls
  • Designed for comfort and safety
  • 14 Mile Range
  • Customizable LED Lights
  • miniPRO weight limit is 220 LBS
  • miniPRO weighs in at ~28 lbs
  • exciting transportation experience

For complete review of Segway MiniPRO look here.